If you do not want to anchor, them hit the  ew layer" button - that 
will save your current floating selection in a new layer, and allow 
you to select smaller portions of it, while working without 
disturbing the rest of the image.

AS for the other questionof yours, if "gifs can be used to fill 
rendered text", you'll have to save your gif file as a GIMP pattern, 
in .gimp-2.0/patterns subdir (with a .PAT extension), and them select 
your text (with select by color), and drag your pattern from the 
patterns dialog over the selected text.



On Thursday 12 August 2004 20:04, iwantto keepanon wrote:
> "Sven Neumann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Please watch the layers dialog while you are doing this. That
> > should explain your problem (which is due to a floating
> > selections you will want to anchor).
> I do see the floating selection layer, but I still don't want to
> anchor.  When I anchor the entire selection disappears.  I want to
> unselect 1 small region.  In this case that is text, but if I am
> making a map and I have precise pixel level selections at 500%
> zoom; then anchoring is the last thing I want to do.
> Is Ctl+Drag *only* a valid operation before anything is done on the
> selection?  Seems to me that, after the first operation on a
> selection the Ctl+Drag operation isnt much good anymore.   Right or
> Wrong?
> BTW, thanks you carol for some great tutorials.  I have several
> logos generated so far.  Some w/ the flag and some beveled and
> haloed.  Thx again.
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