ivanova <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Thanks. I got it working now. I still don't understand the
> difference between the two menu items for keyboard shortcuts and
> Input Controllers though.  What keyboard combinations can be used in
> the ~/.gimp-2.1/controllerrc file?  Only the keypad and
> mousescroller?

There can be input controllers for anything that can be used as
input. Right now we ship two some example modules which both aren't
finished yet. One is for using MIDI devices, the other uses the Linux
Input system and allows to attach devices such as a PowerMate USB

> BTW It took me a while to figure out, but the radius/hardness
> setting can only be changed if you select a custom brush. With one
> of the preset brushes it has no effect.

Not surprisingly since only what you call custom brushes are
parametric. The other brushes are just dumb pixmaps. There should be a
few parametric brushes however but so far noone has contributed a
useful set of those (even though I asked for it every so often).

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