stepg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sorry Sven but i have tried to change  in the box but it will not let
> me put any text in, it still remains  at web browser or internal
> depending on what is selected.
> 1. I goto file prefs
> 2. help
>  3. what browser to use
> 4. Click on box to input text but it want let me change what is
>    already there.

Oh, come on, try to be a little bit smarter. In the preferences dialog
on the page "Help System" there are two frames. One is labelled "Help
Browser" and right below there's a frame labelled "Web Browser". Now
if you choose "Web Browser" as the Help Browser to use, you need to
configure the Web Browser in the lower frame. Try to set it to
"mozilla-firefox" or whatever command you need to use to start your
browser of choice.

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