Pierre-Philippe Coupard wrote:
I'm having a problem that prevents me from using Gimp-2 altogether: whenever I use any input device to do something with the pen down, such as draw or erase, the cpu load shoots up and the system becomes quickly unusable. The processes that generate the load are the X server and kdeinit.

It is definitely related to X or kde (most likely both) not able to "digest" all the incoming events from the input device, because when I draw very slowly, the load stays reasonable, and also because the more I draw, the more events seem to be queued up and the more I have to wait for the queue to clear up, the cpu load to go back down and kde to become usable again. Typically, if I draw briskly for 30 seconds, I have to wait 2 or 3 minutes for kde to start processing my clicks on the desktop.

This happens with the tablet or the mouse, and whether the tablet
devices are in "screen" or "window" mode makes no difference. The size of the canvas doesn't make a difference either. I don't recall this ever happening with Gimp-1.2. It only happens with Gimp-2, I've tried to reproduce the problem with other programs, and with xev, to no avail. My configuration is the following:

Athlon 1.8GHz, 512M, Linux 2.6.7, XFree86 4.3.0, linuxwacom-0.6.4, kde-3.2.3, Gimp-2.0.4.

Anybody knows what the problem could be?

What window manager and video card are you using? KDE? Nvidia-based?

I'm having exactly the same problem here, on Slackware 9.1... The strange thing is, gimp2 works fine with KDE, Gnome, and WindowMaker, but I have the described problem with Fluxbox (my window manager of choice). I have considered asking about it here before, but I thought it was just a Fluxbox problem. Obviously I'm wrong...

I have _both_ gimp-1.2.5 and gimp-2.0.1 installed. Gimp1 never had this problem, but gtk2 based gimp has always had, since version 1.3.

I have traced the problem to be related with the X RENDER extension. Because of this problem, I have used gimp2 inside a nested X server, which doesn't have RENDER extension enabled. There it works fine, regardless of the window manager. Also, if I compile Fluxbox without render support, gimp2 works fine, but then I lose many of the finer features of the WM, like AA fonts and transparent menus.
With the Nvidia drivers I'm using it is also possible to turn off RENDER extension from the XF86Config, but then I lose _all_ antialiasing... well, at least gimp2 works then properly ;). By the way, it doesn't matter whether I use the open source 'nv' driver or Nvidia's own binary driver, the problem still persists.

So, what should I do? Dump gimp2 and continiue using the old gimp1? (No, I _don't_ give up Fluxbox :) ). I emphasize that gimp2 is the only program which has the described problems, so something should be done about it!

And my configuration:
Duron 850MHz, 256M, Linux 2.4.26, XFree-4.3.0, Logitech PS/2 mouse, kde-3.2.2, gimp versions 1.2.5 and 2.0.1, fluxbox-0.9.9

Jouni Rinne, Finland

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