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So, what should I do? Dump gimp2 and continiue using the old gimp1?
(No, I _don't_ give up Fluxbox :) ). I emphasize that gimp2 is the
only program which has the described problems, so something should be
done about it!

You tracked the problem down to your window manager and X server and
now you want the GIMP developers to do something about it? You must be

Actually, yes, a bit ;)

Please file a bug report against that window manager and get
the fluxbox developers to fix up their code.

I discussed this with the Fluxbox developers some months ago, and they said they were totally unable to reproduce the problem, so I was stumped there. As far as I know I'm the only one who's having this problem with gimp2 under fluxbox, and I thought I was the only one having problems at all, until I saw Pierre-Philippe Coupard's mail. (It's always nice to know you're not alone). I'm trying real hard to find the real cause for this gimp2 problem, but it seems to me that it's some quite rare combination of software/ (possibly) hardware, which triggers this problem. I'm sorry if I poked a wrong anthill...

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