Jouni Rinne wrote:
What window manager and video card are you using? KDE? Nvidia-based?

I use the nVidia driver and the S3 Trio driver (dual-headed, but not xinerama).

However, for me the culprit is KDE, there's no question about it. When I run GIMP from twm, either on the nVidia screen or the S3 screen, and I draw fast, GIMP chews 20% CPU and X about 10%, which seems normal. When I do the same thing in KDE, GIMP chews 20%, X burns 40% and kdeinit 40%, so it seems fairly clear that kdeinit does something with the pointer that doesn't interact too well with GIMP.

The real question I guess is: what is it that GIMP-2 does that GIMP-1 didn't do with regard to the input devices that triggers this?

Sven Neumann wrote:
You tracked the problem down to your window manager and X server and
now you want the GIMP developers to do something about it? You must be

When GIMP is the only application that makes a problem somewhere else surface, what list do you think people seek information from? :-) Personally, I don't think GIMP is at fault here, but all the same, if someone knows something about this, it'll only be other GIMP users, hence my question on the gimp-user list.

Don't get your pants in a knot, not everybody who posts on a list is complaining. I was just pinging other GIMPers to see if they knew something about it. With success it seems, since Jouni came out.

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