I'm using Windows XP Home SP1.  I installed GTK 2.4.3, GIMP
2.0.3, GIMP Help 2.0.3, and GAP 2.0.2. Everything seems to work
splendidly -- except that the help system doesn't seem to work.
Specifically, the tips window pops up at startup, but pressing F1 or
selecting "Help" doesn't bring up the Help pages. The first time I try
it in a session, I get a "working in the background" cursor for about
fifteen seconds or so, then it switches back to the regular cursor.
There's no error message, or any other indication that anything's gone
wrong, just no Help. Trying to launch it again doesn't even change the
cursor -- nothing happens at all. Same story with context sensitive help.

I've added the LANG=en environment variable, system wide, but that
didn't help. I tried switching to the "internal browser," but that led
to an error message that I'd need to install GTK-HTML (or something
like that) and it switched back to the external browser option.

I'm the only user of this PC, so I've got administrator rights, of
course. The only other peculiarity of my setup I can think of is that
my default Web browser is Mozilla Firefox. For the time being, as a
workaround, I've put a shortcut to the index.html file for the English
language Help in my GIMP start menu folder.
I am not alone with this problem, i have also checked other gimp sites for a solution, so far no luck only found more people with same problem original Author of installers
This is the response I got from Jernej Simoncic. He is the man responsible for the installers.
"I've heard of this happening, but couldn't reproduce this on my home computer. Try asking in the mailing list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gimpwin-users/, maybe somebody there will be able to help you.
Nobody there has an answer yet.

Oh, come on, try to be a little bit smarter.

Again nobody has an answer. so you see Sven i am trying to be a little bit smarter though obviously will never be as smart as a genius like you.

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