Jouni Rinne wrote:
Me too, GeForce2 and Riva TNT2, both nVidia-based, dual-head but not xinerama. Maybe here's a start of a clue?

I've ruled out the video drivers. I've tried with the S3 Trio card alone, and with all kinds of X server options disabled, and X extensions unloaded, and it's the same.

I think your problem is related to mine, but not equivalent. I have narrowed down the culprit to "kicker" (the kde panel): when I kill it, the cpu load when drawing when GIMP becomes normal. When I start it again, it chews cpu.

I don't know fluxbox, but I suggest you stop any ancillary niceties it has one by one and see if it improves the problem. In the meantime, I'll keep investigating the issue with KDE.

(PS: I post this here, although clearly it's not (directly) a GIMP issue, because I believe it can be of interest to GIMP users nonetheless. If you reckon this isn't the right list to discuss this problem, feel free to let me know).

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