stepg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm using Windows XP Home SP1.  I installed GTK 2.4.3, GIMP 2.0.3,
> GIMP Help 2.0.3, and GAP 2.0.2. Everything seems to work splendidly
> -- except that the help system doesn't seem to work.  Specifically,
> the tips window pops up at startup, but pressing F1 or selecting
> "Help" doesn't bring up the Help pages. The first time I try it in a
> session, I get a "working in the background" cursor for about
> fifteen seconds or so, then it switches back to the regular cursor.
> There's no error message, or any other indication that anything's
> gone wrong, just no Help. Trying to launch it again doesn't even
> change the cursor -- nothing happens at all. Same story with context
> sensitive help.

What GIMP is trying to do here (on Win32) is to open the systemwide
configured webbrowser. I have no idea why this is failing for you. 
The relevant code is in plug-ins/common/webbrowser.c:

  ShellExecute (HWND_DESKTOP, "open", url, NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

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