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I'm using Windows XP Home SP1.  I installed GTK 2.4.3, GIMP 2.0.3,
GIMP Help 2.0.3, and GAP 2.0.2. Everything seems to work splendidly
-- except that the help system doesn't seem to work.  Specifically,
the tips window pops up at startup, but pressing F1 or selecting
"Help" doesn't bring up the Help pages. The first time I try it in a
session, I get a "working in the background" cursor for about
fifteen seconds or so, then it switches back to the regular cursor.
There's no error message, or any other indication that anything's
gone wrong, just no Help. Trying to launch it again doesn't even
change the cursor -- nothing happens at all. Same story with context
sensitive help.

What GIMP is trying to do here (on Win32) is to open the systemwide
configured webbrowser. I have no idea why this is failing for you.

Usually, this indicates that there isn't really a default browser - something that happens frequently when new browsers are uninstalled and installed.


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