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> If you do not want to anchor, them hit the ew layer" button - that
> will save your current floating selection in a new layer, and allow
> you to select smaller portions of it, while working without
> disturbing the rest of the image.

Thx, I found that out by trial and error.  I would then turn
visibility off on the "lower" layers so that I didn't get confused
what was selected and what was not.  I could then select the letter I
*didnt* want to move, press Ctl+I (invert) and move the rest.

Both new layer and invert helped not have to reselect my image over
and over.  Although I still find the "Ctl+Drag disappearing text"
problem confusing.  The text also disappears out of the layer
thumbnail preview.  Seems like a bug in the floating selection code to

Note: does anybody else think this is a bug?  Should I file a report?

> AS for the other questionof yours, if "gifs can be used to fill
> rendered text", you'll have to save your gif file as a GIMP pattern,
> in .gimp-2.0/patterns subdir (with a .PAT extension), and them
> select your text (with select by color), and drag your pattern from
> the patterns dialog over the selected text.

Thanks, I was just reading help screens on that.  I didnt know if
patterns needed to be a specific image type or not.
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