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Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote the words:

> Linux GIMP <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Ah, yes they are.  And they are set to large if that makes a
> > difference.
> >  I wasn't actually aware until now that this was the place to turn
> >  them
> > off, as opposed to simply determining what size they would be.
> Hmm, them being set to large could be a problem. gthumb wouldn't
> implement the spec properly then but I could imagine that perhaps it
> looks for thumbnails in size normal only. If that turns out to be
> causing your problem, you should file a bug report against gthumb.
> Sven

Bingo.  As a follow up, that seems to be the case.
In Gimp I changed the thumbnail size to small.
Set up a new directory with xcf and tif.bz2 files in it.
Used Gimp to create thumbnails.
Gthumb will now show a thumbnail for the xcf files, but still doesn't
show the tif.bz2 files at all.
Nautilus shows thumbnails for xcf and tif.bz2 files.

Thank you for you help everyone.

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