On Friday 20 August 2004 13:21, The Bold Look wrote:
> Hi there. I've been playing with the Gimp for the last couple of
> weeks and I found it an amazing tool, however when I tried to
> output my designs to my postscript printer I found that I can't
> setup screen angle for the printing, which I need for my business
> (screenprinting). does anyone knows how to accomplish this within
> the gimp?. I googled but couldn't really find anything.
Yes, as a matter of fact, the GIMP doesn  include support for 
professionall printing. 

I am really sorry for that. Thre is one possible work-around: the 
screens can be generated as a GIMP image with the 
filters->distorts->newsprint filter.

However that is mostly meant for special effects purposes than for 
actual generating of screens. You would have to:
Enlarge your image so that the pixels will hold the screen dots itself 
on your printer (let's say 77 LPI on a 600 DPI printer -> 7.8 pixels 
per scrren dot ..so you have to create an image 8 times as large as 
one that would hold one pixel for screen dot)
Make a b&W version of each channel of your image (through 
image->mode->decompose), followed by a invert 
(image->colors->invert ) on each decomposed layer.
Finally filters->distorts->newsprint , cmyk, only K channel matters. 
cellsize, for this example, would be "8". after this one, convert to 
b&w, and print each layer separately.

Sounds painfullllllllllll... Maybe the newsprint plugin can be changed  
to have an option  to do it's stuff into separate layers, and keep 
colors as black - that would short the work-arounding cycle a lot

I will offer yopu another option however. I intend to work on 
something for the postscript file saving in the GIMP (not printing).
So, if you could, run through another application, print a __small__ 
(32 X 32 pixels would be nice) file, with your color corrections and 
screem parameters all turned on (be sure the picture, small as it is 
have all 5 of CMYK + white) colors.), and send me this gerated PS. I 
could be able to add the screen options to the GIMP file save as 
Postscript plugin (not gimp printing).


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