On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 09:13:17PM +0200, Simon Budig wrote:
> From: Lucia Cosima Eiselstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > Rosa Riebl, she is publisher of the magazine "freeX", just asked, if
> > there is any interest for the GIMP-people to participate as an
> > OpenSource project at the Systems, October 18-22 in Munic (Germany).
> > This year for the first time, there will be sponsored space (about
> >  100 square meter) for OpenSource projects.
> Just to chime in. This claim from Mrs. Riebl is utterly wrong.
> There have been two or three instances of the "LinxuPark" - sponsered
> by the Linux New Media AG (competitors of the C&L-Publishers).
> I presented a Gimp Booth there on at least two occasions (not sure if
> there were two or three).
> So this definitely is not the first time that there is sponsored space
> for open source projects on the Systems.
yes, this is very interesting.  in a group effort you never know who is
running the booths at these things.  you hope it is someone who
understands the gimp and can answer questions.  

at one of the recent conventions i went to, there was a nice booth babe
who told me that no one who really worked on actual development showed
up to work booths.  this might have been misinformation as i had
expressed some concern for being yelled at by someone who was actually
waorking on things ....

that was a long sentence for, how nice that the gimp people provided one
of their finest developers to be a booth babe at one of these events.
and since simon only is rude to me, he is probably one of the better
developers to represent gimp <em>out there</em>.

such a pity that the people who hosted the gimp developer did not know
what they had.

> That having said, it would be cool if somebody would present GIMP at the
> Systems. I however won't be able to come.

would be nice if someone is able to volunteer to handle a gimp booth
here, that they let this list know so that at least we know who it is
and what we might need to be sorry for or proud of, depending on how it

maybe send it to the developer list also?


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