Alf C Stockton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 1) Unless I am being stupid this later version of Gimp seems to have
> made all the tutorials resident at www.gimp.org/tutorials
> redundant. I do not know enough about the new environment to repair
> this else I would volunteer.

I don't think the tutorials are redundant. A lot of them have already
been updated for GIMP 2.0, some of them still need to be changed. If
you want to help, the web-page is in CVS (module gimp-web) and there's
a mailing-list (gimp-web) that you could subscribe to and offer your

> 2) Text tool in the new gimp does not give me the option to select
> fonts or text size or colour. Again please tell me what I have
> missed?

You missed the tool options.

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