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What is the simplest way, to do the following day to day job?:
Open 20-40 files at 2592x1944 resolution, and rescal to 1024*768 and
save in .jpg with specific options(progressiv, floating, etc). But all
the image with the same option.

The history: My camera(Canon ps G5) save 3 time bigger .jpg as Gimp.
So the rescaling from software(Gimp) work better, as the algorithm in my
camera (hardware way).

Imagemagik is your friend, something like:

Place all the files in the same directory, cd to that directory and:

for fn in *; do

convert -geom 1024x768 $fn new-${fn}

Check the man page for imagemagik and convert to see how to add the other touches you want (specific options).

The other job: My friend have made a website using photoshop. And for my advice she have saved as .png. But in IE does not show correctly (the colour not the same) And the result is ugly. The paintShop pro have too a fault. Just Gimp save the .png what IE can display correct. So the job is the following: Open 54 .png images and do the following: File->save Manually is really slow.

You should likely be able to do this with imagemagik as well, but I'm not sure what the problem is, or whether you'll see any difference.

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