* Glenn Hancock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [08-23-04 10:13]:
> Thanks for the info, but I don't have filters / generic / exif browser menu.

<rt-click> on image,
drop-down menu 
               filters -> generic -> exif browser

> Also, if gimp is going to show me the screen resolution which I already
> know instead of the true resolution of the image then how do I
> determine the true resolution?  That seems some what worthless to show
> me the screen resolution when asking for image properties doesn't it?

<rt-click> on image,
drop-down menu 
               view -> info window
  (or <shift><ctrl><I>, unless you have changed it)

PLEASE, trim your quotes

ps:  You didn't say which version of the gimp you are using.  The
current version 2.xx is what I have cited.  Version 1.xx displays the
screen resolution in the info window and I guess you would have to
obtain a plugin for viewing exif data (availibility unknown).

pss: metacam is available (google search).  I have ver 1.1.  It
displays exif data from graphic images (doesn't work on oly raw).
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