On Mon, Aug 23, 2004 at 11:12:00AM -0400, Glenn Hancock wrote:
> Thanks for the info, but I don't have filters / generic / exif browser menu.
> Also, if gimp is going to show me the screen resolution which I
> already know instead of the true resolution of the image then how do I
> determine the true resolution?  That seems some what worthless to show
> me the screen resolution when asking for image properties doesn't it?
you can make the original read only and never save an altered image on
top of this.  screens only show a certain number of pixels.  those
resolution numbers, since i figured them out, make little sense and
whenever printing an image that gimp or any other graphics rendering
computer app has touched -- the machine does what it will and is not
dependent at all on those little numbers.

just never save over the original and relax.


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