On Tuesday, August 24, 2004 6:54 AM [GMT+1=CET],
William Skaggs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> An update:
> Thanks to Michael Schumacher I have been able to add a Windows
> binary for the EXIF browser plug-in to the Registry:
> exif-browser-bin.zip from
> http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=4153
> To install, just unzip it and place the unzipped version in
> the "plugins" subdirectory of your personal GIMP directory.
> Michael says this should work with GIMP 2.0.x.

Using 2.0.3 (on XP Home), the filter  now appears, but there is the message,
"Exif Browser Message This image has no exit data attached."

Using the EXIF info in IrfanView does show information. So I'm not sure what
it all means!

Bob Long

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