I downloaded and installed Gimp.app(2.0.3-2) and X11.app from Apple's website.
Installation went smoothly (first installed X11 then Gimp).

After installation Gimp opened for the first time, and it was great.
I even fooled around with a couple of images, to see how Gimp worked.

I closed Gimp then the X11 platform, and next time I tried to open Gimp it didn't work.

Even worst than that the X11 environment doesn't work either. I had a ManPages 
running under X11 and that doesn't work either. I just get a black X as the mouse 
pointer and 
the X11 after a while just closes itself. I tried reinstalling the X11 but nothing 
happened (either for
better or for worse)

Please can somebody help me!!!

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       Rodrigo Varillas

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