Neil Watson wrote:
> How would I go about creating a diagonal brush stroke, that erases to
> the background,  through a coloured box? I tried using the path tool to
> create the diagonal line but, I can't seem to get a stroke to appear.

If all you want is a diagonal brush stroke, select the
appropriate brush, and the eraser tool, click the start point,
and constrain your brush stroke to a diagonal (actually, it
constrains to 15 angles) by holding Control. You already know
that you can draw a straight line with any of the paint tools by
clicking the start point, holding down shift and clicking the end
point. The Control key just constrains the operation while you're
doing this.

Alternatively, if you really want to stroke, you can always
select the eraser tool, then stroke with that (see the "Stroke
with paintbrush" section at the bottom of the stroke dialog).


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