Alexander R. Pruss ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I was wondering under what circumstances images created with the Gimp 
> need to be GPL'ed.  Obviously, program output is not a derivative work. 
>  But images created with the Gimp might incorporate copyrighted 
> elements such as brush shapes (there might be a single brush stroke from 
> which the brush could be reconstructed), a texture, fill pattern, etc. 
> Or what if I use a default set of parameters from Fractal Explorer to 
> generate a fractal that is a prominent part of an image?  (The latter is 
> the question that interests me.  I wish I knew what "source code" means 
> in that context, too.  The fractal params?  The xcf file?)

Brush shapes, Patterns etc. are packaged with the Gimp for the sole
purpose of being incorporated into other images. It is not intended
to extend the GPL to images generated with the GIMP.

Maybe we should state this explicit in a readme, maybe even place the
brushes/patterns etc. in the public domain explicitely.

So you can do with your images whatever you want. If there are facts
that prohibit this for whatever reason (because of the GIMP
distribution) we will eliminate this obstacle.

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