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cedric wrote:
> A) I'm not sure i've understood everything but some told few days ago, 
> that it was possible to do in GIMP (with layer modes) all what Adobe PS 
> does in layer effects. At this time the best thing i know for gimp is 
> the layer_effects.scm. But may be I mistake.

Yes, it is, but effect layers are another matter. A layer mode is
a way to change how one layer renders with the layers beneath it.
An effect layer is a layer with no data attached which acts on
the data flowing through it (to do something like a curve
adjustment, or inversion, or some other color operation). There
is no reason why an effect layer could not be more powerful, and
allow things like blur layers, but as it was done in Photoshop,
effect layers only use pixel-by-pixel effects.

> B) Photoshop has a very interesting functionnality in being able to 
> group layers (pasting in new can be done by copy/paste and layer->new).

Another one not present in the GIMP at all. Sorry.

> C) The add of several layers increases much more the size of a XCF file 
> than it does with a PSD

Can't comment on this one, sorry.

> D) It is impossible (may be it is a technical reason) to work with 
> transform tools on a masked layer. In my mind, the tool could be easily 
> applied to both, but i'm sure i mistake.

You mean transform the layer and the mask? I'm sure that would be
possible. Could you open a bug report in Bugzilla for this
feature addition?

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        Lyon, France
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