On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 11:27:36AM -0700, David Wuertele wrote:
> I have some Japanese text that I need to superimpose on an image.
> I have the font that I need to use in .ttf form.
> I am able to create files and type Japanese into them using emacs, but
> I couldn't figure out how to do so in the Gimp Text tool.
if you are using gimp2, then you need to drop the font into ~/.fonts (for
system-wide use) or into ~/.gimp-2.0/fonts for only gimp to use it.
use the tool with the big T icon and touch the image surface to engage
the tool.

if you double click on the button with the big T, you will see the text
tool options and be able to control the text size and other things.

weird to me that you can get the fonts to work in emacs but not gimp,
unless you are using gimp-1.2.  if this is the case, i highly recommend
upgrading to gimp-2.0 since it uses fontconfig.  the way fonts worked
were in flux during the gimp-1.2 series.


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