2004-09-03, p keltezéssel 19:07-kor Carol Spears ezt írta:
> hi, i am bothering you off the list.
> it has been several months now, and i am trying to remember who it was
> from this list who was so *helpful* at showing me that the buttons on
> the new file selector actually were the divisions between directories.
> was this you?
> carol

Yes, I have made a little mockup, but noone have found interesting.
Here you can find my mockup:

>it has been several months now,
Sorry, I send time to time some mails to the list, but just someone have
arrived to it. I have this difficulty only with gimpuser and gimp-dev. I
dont know where come this problem (from berkeley.edu or gmx.net or my
ISPs smtp vnet.hu). So I didnt resend my mails because of flooding
(maybe everybody have received except me;)

The other mailing-lists, where Im subscribed; work without any
problem(dxr3-dev, freevo-users, freevo-dev, linuxwacom-discuss, gnome,
gnome-dev, dcgui-qt, mplayer-felhasznalok, wine-bugs, css, fontconf,
oohu, openoffice-felhasznalok, perl-hu, texnh, magyarispell, etc, etc)

Best regards, 

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