i am trying to make a mockup of how to make the fileselector in gimp-2.1
more useful and was trying to find the participants in the old thread...

inadvertantly some of this email was sent to this list inspite of the
fact that i typed at the top "off-list" which, lord knows, i am in no
position to complain about.

just to keep everything in public as it is, i changed the topic and am
forwarding my response.

it is difficult to lose ability to humor people who never understood it
to begin with.  this thread should be all about that.

the unfortunate matter that my mockup is not completed yet -- well, i
will try to hurry on this.  the email became public during the research

it will be nice to show gimp users who come from a windows background
what linux has always been able to do for a long long time, and khiraly
has sort of volunteered to be the person to first learn this.


To: khiraly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: mockup was Re: [Gimp-user] Path tool question

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 08:18:17PM +0200, khiraly wrote:
> 2004-09-03, p keltez?ssel 19:07-kor Carol Spears ezt ?rta:
> > 
> > it has been several months now, and i am trying to remember who it was
> > from this list who was so *helpful* at showing me that the buttons on
> > the new file selector actually were the divisions between directories.
> > was this you?
> > 
> Yes, I have made a little mockup, but noone have found interesting.
> Here you can find my mockup:
> http://www.pvvbitech.hu/fotok/openDialog/openDialog.png
> http://www.pvvbitech.hu/fotok/openDialog/openDialog.xcf
thanks for your quick response.  i am lazy to search my inbox and was
uncertain of the month or the subject or the sender.  my memory can be
reliable except i cannot rely on this.

> >it has been several months now,
> .
> Sorry, I send time to time some mails to the list, but just someone have
> arrived to it. I have this difficulty only with gimpuser and gimp-dev. I
> dont know where come this problem (from berkeley.edu or gmx.net or my
> ISPs smtp vnet.hu). So I didnt resend my mails because of flooding
> (maybe everybody have received except me;)
well, i read it immediately then.  i was sort of frustrated with the
email because i knew that each button represents a different directory
in the chain of directories that gets you to the one you are actually
working on.  also, i decided to actually use this file selector before
forming too much of an opinion on it.

in the time between your mockup and now i have actually met the
developers involved with this redesign even.

i am now glad of your mockup as i can expand it to actually teach things
about the beauty and power of the linux commandline for those people who
do not know what can happen at each of those "/" marks you put in your
mockup to demonstrate how things work.  for my mockup, i need to put a
text entry box inbetween each of the buttons and after the slash that
you thoughtfully put there.

it is nice to be able to show what your computer is capable of.

perhaps i am in a unique position with my photography that many people
have shared their photos with me and allowed me to use them on my
website so i am drawing my mockup from a different sort of experience.

did you know that with the old file selector if you type the first
character in a file you are searching for that only files starting with
this character will be displayed?  dont worry if you didnt; i figure
many of the newer gimp users (especially if they came to gimp with
experience from a different os) did not know this.

this new file selector is not linux like in its smarts and ability to
handle shared files and such.

> The other mailing-lists, where Im subscribed; work without any
> problem(dxr3-dev, freevo-users, freevo-dev, linuxwacom-discuss, gnome,
> gnome-dev, dcgui-qt, mplayer-felhasznalok, wine-bugs, css, fontconf,
> oohu, openoffice-felhasznalok, perl-hu, texnh, magyarispell, etc, etc)
this is a lot of mail lists and a lot of windows emulating software.
perhaps you could try what i was saying about the older file selector
(still available on gimp-2.0) and allow me to introduce you to the power
of the linux commandline as it is reflected in gimp.

as i said, i read your email immediately.  i am only involved in the new
chix mail list and cairo and the gimp ones.  so, it is nice you have
time to help us gimp users understand what the new buttons mean.  allow
me to help you see the power of the commandline.

thanks again,

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