On Saturday 04 September 2004 12:22 am, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
> Hi there,
> I know that although I had talked to several people here and on the
> developers list in private terms, I never had talked about my
> personal life to anyone.
> However, I am getting married today at 9h30 in the morning - and I
> feel that is important enough for me to want to tell it to the
> comunities I participate.
> After my marriage, I will have my name changed to "Joćo Sebastićo de
> Oliveira Bueno Calligaris", as a recent change in the laws of my
> country do allow me to pick a surname of hers - Which will be named
> Juliana Pablos Calligaris Bueno from now on.
>  JS
>  -><-
> _______________________________________________

When two become one!  Make it a lifelong commitment Joao!

Best of luck!

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