dunno if this is all that interesting to the people interesting in using
the gimp.  

i do know that i got to go to a developers meeting due to the interest
and donations of a lot of interested parties and i am so so honored to
be allowed to represent such a smart and decent group of human beings.

miguel i think is in charge of ximian who is making changes to the
gimptool kit that are, well, even the reason they give is fairly
idiotic.  they gave me an idiotic reason and then started to be rude to
me and give me a real disrespectful runaround which has now ended up
here; on this list where probably many of the contributors to my trip to
the developers meeting are.

since miguel is too busy and not involved to tell me who he is, i have
googled around and come up with an introduction to the man behind the
men who are making the decisions about what the gimp tool kit widgets do
and why:

here is miguel sucking up at a microsoft thing:

here is nat (miguels partner at ximian) making plans for a party:

(i have no problem with the gay community; and actually have been
accused of being a lesbian several times throughout my life for the
simple fact that i do not like to have michigan men to work on my car)

and here is a photo of the two people who started this company that now
makes decisions about the direction the widgets are taking:

sorry he did not have time to return the "who are you" request i made
several weeks ago, however the web presence i was able to find is
probably certainly more entertaining.

miguel is quite famous in the linux world, btw.  there is a big article
(and important as well, in my world at least) entitled "Sellout or
Savior" http://www.technologyreview.com//articles/04/09/freedman0904.asp

they have been giving me a run around since before guadec about the
reasons for some really poorly thoughtout changes to the gimp tool kit,
combined with the suggestion (to [EMAIL PROTECTED], owner of
carol.gimp.org) that i should fork the gimp tool kit if i did not like
these changes.

i am sorry i am unable to make these people respect the contributions of
all of the volunteers, who either contributed time or code or help on
this list or even good thoughts about gimp and the free software
process.  hopefully, the people involved will reassess their approach to
very successful free software applications and adjust their behavior

tis fun though, when they decide that you are of no consequence to them
to stoop to answer such a question as, who are you?  i get to find out
myself.  this group is being run by some interesting people who perhaps
do not have the best interests of the free software community in mind.


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