Simon Budig wrote:
Hi Carol.

Carol Spears ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

[...] i really am responsible to a
whole bunch of people who contributed time and money to send me to a
developer meeting in which i was told by luis, representing ximian, that
the changes were made for his mom.  for shame.

I start to regret to have supported your attendance to Guadec.

The fuzz you make about this obviously casual and illustrative remark by
Luis is annoying and does not at all help with the necessary
improvements to the file selector. In fact it even is counterproductive.
Very much so.

I would counter that Luis' answer was neither casual nor illustrative. A question was asked and either a insulting inaccurate answer was provide, or worse, a poor change in the toolkit was made for entirely the wrong reason.

And you'd do yourself and your credibility a favor if you'd treat
personal emails with respect and not publish them on mailinglists.

I would agree to some extent, although as a long time user of GIMP, I think this list deserves to know the reason for the change. I've not seen it pass the list as of yet.

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