Geoffrey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I would counter that Luis' answer was neither casual nor
> illustrative. A question was asked and either a insulting inaccurate
> answer was provide, or worse, a poor change in the toolkit was made
> for entirely the wrong reason.

I don't understand what Miguel and Luis would have to do with the
GtkFileChooser widget. I might be wrong but as far as I know they are
not involved at all.

> I would agree to some extent, although as a long time user of GIMP,
> I think this list deserves to know the reason for the change.  I've
> not seen it pass the list as of yet.

This topic has been discussed to the maximum possible extent and way
beyond on various GTK+ and GNOME mailing-lists. It would be rather
off-topic here so I suggest you read the relevant archives. The fact
that these discussions have very often been rather hostile has not
helped at all. The developers responsible for the new file chooser
widget have done a very good job at implementing the widget the way it
has been planned a good while ago. Back then would have been the right
time to complain.  Complaining now is silly and counter-productive.
What can be done right now is to attach patches to the many
bug-reports in Bugzilla that ask for improvements to the widget. So
far the developers have shown that they are very willing to
incorporate such changes and the behaviour of the file-chooser widget
is constantly being improved.

Another thing that helps a lot is to learn how to work with the new
file chooser. The screenshots that Carol has shown around, very
clearly show that she hasn't learned to use the new widget yet. If she
would start to make use of bookmarks (the left pane) she might find
the widget less useless than it appears to her now.

This discussion doesn't belong here. I told people what to do if you
want to see the dialog improved. End of discussion!

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