Khiraly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> A wacom weakness I have found: 
> It is almost impossible to click on brush/pattern/gradient window
> and release to make it pop up the bush-select dialog. When I push my
> pen's tip once, it reacts like it was a drag, I my wacom tablet
> thinks I will keep it pulling pushed down. It even starts to blink
> when I touch it.  Look at the screenshot:
> http://www.pvvbitech.hu/fotok/gimpWacom.png

There might be ways to improve this behaviour. Please file an
enhancement request in Bugzilla.

However I don't understand why you are using this akward
brush/pattern/gradient thing in the toolbox at all. Just keep the
relevant selection widgets in your standard docks setup and you should
never need to click there again.

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