On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 07:32:55PM +0300, Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> Carol
> Sorry for my 2c. I thought gimp-user list was for supporting of GIMP 
> users by themselves and GIMP developers and for asking developers about 
> user's new ideas, not for flame wars :). I was wrong ;).
> Maybe today it's time to drink a cup of tea (or coffee or something 
> stronger), relax and stop thinking on File Selector? As for me, tomorrow 
> my thoughts become clearer and better (and some of them become less 
> significant than yesterday :( ). ;)
i am really not happy with this discussion going on for so long.

my problem with the developers is that when i took luis answer to them,
they laughed me out of the discussion.  or ruded me out.

the same answer that i am to accept from luis was not accepted by them.

there is a problem.  and someone needs to ask the reason why where the
people who have donated money reside.  that is this list.

perhaps the developers could backtrack and work with what luis told me.
as it stands, i am here because they seemed to think it was a screwed up
approach to development.  now i am asking why i got this answer from
their end and why the same developers now protect the people who gave
this to me.

the people who donated are right here, on the gimp-user list.

i have a lot of pride in this gnu application that has not received more
than the funding of interested people, either from fsf or from
individual donations.  

my time investment got me a flight to norway (i also funded my own web
server for my site for quite a while so there was a measureable
percentage of my own small income supporting this free software idea).
now i am asking why the answers i got there are not respected in the
development community and i am asking so the people who donated the
money can see.

either the response i got from luis be accepted and worked with when i
take it to the developers (which did not happen -- no sir!) or someone
needs to cover the money that the people contributed to get me there.


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