First of all, I apologize everyone to be further extending this 

It's unquestionable that Carol step over the line several times over 
on personal accusations.

Nonetheless I had to write this because...
On Monday 06 September 2004 13:26, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello Carol,
> > i received a verbal assault because i was responding to mail that
> > was sent by miguel to a list he is too important to subscribe to.
> >
> > here we have someone who actually took the time to *publish* my
> > personal mail.  can i please see the same treatment extended to
> > miguel?
> This is after:
>       a. You did forward a personal email to some list, you
>          sent me the reply:
>          > On Saturday 04 September 2004 23:25, Carol Spears wrote:
>          Which you can find attached (attachment1)
...This presumedly personal e-mail was sent from me to the 
gimp-developers mail list, and was not personal at all.
That being clear, I will say no more on this thread.

>       b. You said in a personal email that it was better for our
>          personal email to be kept public (attachment2)
> So you were the first one to distribute personal e-mail, I figured
> after your second post that you did not mind it.
> Miguel.

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