Actually, it'd be nice if Gimp could pick up some of the properties of PS's erase 
background tool.

Adding 'Tolerance' to 'color to alpha' would be good start; and maybe that's all 
that's really necessary for this function. 

How does everybody else remove backgrounds?

The other approaches I take are:
1. decomposing the image and a making mask from the layer with the best separation
2. using the path tool to break out a region and (once again) make a mask

Any techniques I'm missing?
Eric P.

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 04:32:59AM +0000, Eric Pierce wrote:
> I use Filter->Color->Color to Alpha
> Shit, and I thought Gimp had one up on PS there too.  Luckily, I got 3/4th of our 
> marketing department (there's 4 of us) using Gimp because they (and I) didn't think 
> you could cleanly remove backgrounds in PS.
> Eric P.
> On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 05:52:11PM +1000, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
> > On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 09:49 +0200, Michael Wagner wrote:
> > > Good morning,
> > > 
> > > You can find a magic background eraser in Photshop. How do I do this
> > > in Gimp? I have version 2.0.4.
> > 
> > What does it do? A lot of people on these lists have not or do not use
> > Photoshop, so you'll need to provide a bit of a description.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Malcolm
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