> > I'm looking for a gimp script/plugin which could split up an image in
> > small tiles. For example I have 'tiles.png', a 128x128 image which
> > contains 16x16 tiles. The script would be able to split it and save them
> > in 'tile00.png', 'tile01.png', ... , 'tile77.png'.
> >
> > Does such script already exists?

> if you dont need html to go with the tiles, Image -->Transform
> -->Guillotine should do the trick.

Guillotine will slice an image based on the Guides.

If you dont have Perlotine already (gimp 1.2) you will probably have
py-slice (gimp 2.0) which works pretty similarly.
More than just splitting the images (Guillotine) these scripts both also
save the imagess which is what you really want.

Gimp 2.0 doesn't include the guides grid script (at least not the
script-fu version), it was removed because someone thought it was no
longer useful now that the gimp has a built in grid.

In case you need it i have a modified version of Grid of Guides and
updated it to work with the Gimp 2.0, it appears as "View, New Guides..."

> > If not can you write me some notes on how to start writing one, what
> > functions should I use for it?

It would be easier (and possibly more efficient) to write a script like
this if guillotine provided more (any) information about its output (I'm
thinking an array/list of images, in case any of the developers are
reading this).
Both perlotine and py-slice work by duplicating and cropping the image
which I dont imagine is particularly efficient.


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