> I've just upgraded to gimp 2.0.4 from 1.2
> It's quite an improvement.  Thanks to you developers, for such a
> good job.
> However...
> I need to create text with accents from the latin1 charset.  They all
> work except for one.  ccedilia `'  It appears with the mark above the
> `c' as though it where an actute accent.

It appears as such in both the GIMP text editor and on the text layer?
If that is the case then you are simply not inputting the right
character. You might want to use the 'Cedilla' GTK+ input module. Try
if selecting that module from the right-click menu in the text editor
solves your problem. If it does, you can make this the default input
module for GTK2 applications.

> It's a gimp specific issue as this rxvt term has displayed it
> correctly above.

That doesn't really make it a GIMP specific issue.

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