First of all thanks for the replies for the split-image thread.
I have another question. First I will present you what I want to do.
I read about the SubSPACE technique here:


The main idea is that pixels are made of the three componets: red green
On some displasy (like mobile phone lcd screens) one could make advantage
of this by making sub-pixel anti-aliased images.
Suppose I want to draw a diagonal white line on black background. On the
following image the left side how it is done in the default way. On the
right side is how would it be done, if the drawer would take advantage
of the RGB components:


To see the effect, it is better to try the following image: simply send
it to your phone. Rhomb 1 does not use the subspace technique. Rhomb 2
and 3 use it, the difference is that rhomb 2 is for LCD screens with RGB
order, and rhomb 3 is for the BGR order (like my Nokia 3650):


And now the question: how could I make such anti-aliasing easier?
I made the above image by drawing it pixel-by-pixel. I'm thinking it
would be easier, if I draw the image 3 times grater resolution, and then
I could apply a filter, which reduces the resolution by three and adjust
the RGB components accordingly.

What do you say?

Best Regards,
Szasz Pal
Space Software Studio
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