May be someone has another feeling, but i've found today strange behaviors.

1. Copy Visible does not copie visible, but the visible of layer aspect. Explanation : just deactivate a channel (R for exemple) the copy visible picture is the same as if they were all activated. Is there any way to overpass that ?

2. It seems that is is not possible to delete a primary channel (contextual menuitem is always grayed). What about if I want to do a 2-channel picture, particularly for 'professional' print ?

3. Strange behavior also, it can't succeed in pasting a channel or layer content on another channel (for exemple, pasting R content on G). Shall I need to use the Channel Mixer to do this ?

4. I've used Decompose to CMYK to get a black channel and increase contrast on a document. But i've been surprise, because after doing the same in Adobe Photoshop, the black channels were different ? Is that normal ? What have I bas done, if any ?

As I always do, some special congratulations to David for his Batch Processor that should really be included in GIMP, and to Damien Genet <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for the Rollover Perl script (unhappily it is not updated for 2.x).

Thanks a lot.
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