Salut Cedric,

Quoting cedric <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I've just compiled 2.1.4 (starting as failed but this is nothing), and
> it seems that many GUI labels are not translating into my precious
> french. Is there any help needed for this, and if yes how to do ?

The procedure for helping out with a translation is more or less

1: Mail the translator first, to ensure he just hasn't committed an updated
translation - the French coordinator is Christophe Merlet 

2: If you get the all clear, translate the various po*/fr.po files - there is an
active French translation community based around, which can get you
started using some of the utilities which parse .po files and make it easier to
find untranslated strings or fuzzy translations (translations whose key string
has changed since they were translated).

3: Send Christophe your updated translation, he will check it over or have
someone else do so to ensure that translations are consistent (the same people
who translate the GIMP translate GNOME, so they have been busy recently), and
he will commit your changes.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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