hello, this was an interesting list.
On Mon, Sep 13, 2004 at 01:02:28PM +0200, cedric wrote:
> May be someone has another feeling, but i've found today strange behaviors.
> 1. Copy Visible does not copie visible, but the visible of layer aspect. 
> Explanation : just deactivate a channel (R for exemple) the copy visible 
> picture is the same as if they were all activated. Is there any way to 
> overpass that ?
the most reliable "Copy Visible" for me has always been and will
continue to be this:
  <Image> -->Image -->Merge Visible Layers (think about those options
      that you are presented, depending on what you need from this
      special layer each of them are useful)
  <Image> -->Edit -->Copy
  <Image> -->Edit -->Undo
this gives you just as much as the original Copy Visible script did.

the original script was written in perl.  perhaps installing perl will
also fix your problems with the current script.  i havent investigated
this yet.  what you find confusing is a script-fu that some guy took
about 2 minutes to write one evening on #gimp.  he said it was two

this one suffers because the people who use gimp a lot and work on the
core dont use it.  i dont know if anyone should even say they are sorry
for your confusion or not even.

> As I always do, some special congratulations to David for his Batch 
> Processor that should really be included in GIMP, and to Damien Genet 
> <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for the Rollover Perl script (unhappily it 
> is not updated for 2.x).
i have yet to try davids batch processor.  and i am sorry about this.
however, this rollover script is something that the linux people
probably wouldnt use -- although it would be sort of interesting to
write.  this script was not included in the gimp tarball nor in the
gimp-perl tarball.  also, have you tried to use css for this instead of
javascript?  or, does this use css?


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