On Monday 13 September 2004 19:48, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > the most reliable "Copy Visible" for me has always been and will
> > continue to be this:
> >   <Image> -->Image -->Merge Visible Layers (think about those
> > options that you are presented, depending on what you need from
> > this special layer each of them are useful)
> >   <Image> -->Edit -->Copy
> >   <Image> -->Edit -->Undo
> > this gives you just as much as the original Copy Visible script
> > did.
> This is basically what the Copy Visible script is doing. Well, more
> precisely what it does is:
> 1. Duplicate the image
> 2. Merge Visible Layers
> 3. Copy
> 4. Delete the duplicate
> > the original script was written in perl.  perhaps installing perl
> > will also fix your problems with the current script.  i havent
> > investigated this yet.  what you find confusing is a script-fu
> > that some guy took about 2 minutes to write one evening on #gimp.
> >  he said it was two lines.
> I don't even remember a perl version of this script. Are you
> certain that one exists?
HAH... I could do it in Python and it would take me two minutes and 
two lines....

Just kidding... Most likely It'd take me about half an hour at 
least..I have to write this stuff browsing every detail on the PDB 
browsers, and it is time consuming. And of course, it takes at least 
as many lines as actions (4 + undo/redo/register overhead) , unless 
someone is really wanting some obfuscated python.

However,  I am writing it because if cedric really wants it... 
(Cedric, you there)? I could do it in python with an extra call to 
the curves tool to make the copy respect the visible channels.



> Sven
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