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So here's a question which will demonstrate my ignorance.  I've got
some digital photos I took that, when opened with GIMP are identified
as being 75dpi x72dpi.  I need images that are 300 dpi, so is it
possible to convert the 75dpi image to 300 dpi??  I selected to scale
the image and happened to notice that I can make this change at this
point.  Is this doing what I'm expecting?



In the last Linux Journal magazine, October 2004, Issue 126, there is a wonderful article on Gimp and using it for professional photography! One of the best articles I've read and more than helpful and encouraging about the abilities of Gimp. The article itself is not online, but the resources are listed there. The author, RW Hawkins, has his site there as well and would be very helpful should you have detailed questions.

I subscribe, but have not had a chance to check it out, I'll do that, thanks.

That's not to say people on this list are not just as qualified to answer you, because they are! I just thought this might be of some interest to you and others, since you brought up digital photos and I know there is a lot of interest about that and the Gimp's ability to work with them effectively.

Thanks again.

Here is your resources site:

Hope that helps and if you don't have a copy of the mag, go get one, it's a nice article for info and on the Gimp!

I do subscribe, but I'm a bit behind on my reading. :(

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