mbh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am a beginner in using Gimp. I have installed version 2.0.1. It
> was working fine and starts with displaying the toolbox with a
> section underneath giving options for the current tool.
> Somehow I seem to have turned off or closed the options box and I
> can't seem to get it back or find a help document describing the
> feature. All I see now is the toolbox with a blank section beneath
> it.
> Would someone be kind enough to help me fix the problem without
> having to re-install Gimp?

Double-click any tool icon to get the tool options dialog back.
Alternatively you can open it using the Dialogs menu. The tool options
will be opened in a separate window. You can drag this window to the
small horizontal stripe at the bottom of the toolbox in order to
reattach it to the toolbox.

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