Sven Neumann wrote:

Unless you disable "Dot-for-Dot" in the GIMP's image window (it's in
the View menu), you will always see one pixel of the image taking up
one pixel on screen (of course only in 1:1 zoom ratio). The dpi
setting is irrelevant for the image display. It becomes of importance
if you want to use the rulers or the measure tool with real-world
units. Then GIMP needs to know how large a pixel will end up on the
final print or projection or whatever your final media is.

Changing the dpi setting alone won't alter your pixel data. It's just
some meta information. Even if you disable dot-for-dot view in GIMP,
the dpi information is only used in the display routines. Your pixel
data is not change

Thanks for the insites Sven. I had seen the dot-for-dot option, but didn't really know what it was for. So, if I understand you correctly, by opening a file and setting the dpi from 75 to 300 and then saving it really hasn't changed anything?

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