So I'm loading this psd file in Gimp that my co-worker did, and I notice it looks 
funny because the top layer mode was interpreted wrong by the Gimp.  
Here's the image.

The top layer in this image is 'Soft Light' when loaded in Photoshop, but comes up 
'Addition' under Gimp 2.0.4.  Of course, I can manually switch it to 'Soft Light' and 
it looks like what my co-worker probably intended.

I notice this behavior under Gimp 2.0.4 (Win/Lin).  Under Gimp 2.1.4 (Linux) it comes 
up as 'Overlay'.  It look alright as 'Overlay', but it still probably should be 'Soft 

Any ideas any one?  Should I bug report it?

Eric P.
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