Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > No I am not. You are confusing the two. I have read the script and I
> > am pretty sure that what I said is correct. However that is not at all
> > the point here.
> > 
> at this point a real german would back this up with documentation.
> i am the stupid american, you are the well-documented german.

Read the source. The script is extraordinarily simple. Bascially what
it does is to create a duplicate of the image, merge visible layers in
the duplicate, copy the result to the clipboard and delete the
duplicate.  It is thus not surprising that what ends up in the
clipboard is identical to the result of merging the visible layers on
the original image.

> i do not have time to go to that archives site to show everyone your
> rebel anti-perl website ....  stupid frames site.

So the Script-Fu megaperls site that I created back in 1997 was a
rebel anti-perl website? If I remember correctly all it did was
advertizing a couple of scripts that I wrote. I might be wrong but I
also think that at that point in time there wasn't even a GIMP Perl
binding available that I could have rebelled against.

Carol, I am not going to argue with you any longer. It should be
evident to whoever is still wasting his/her time with this thread that
your argumentation is flawed. Now, please accept that your behaviour
was wrong, apologize for it and let's forget about it. And please, try
to be less aggressive on this mailing-list. If you want to, you can
continue your pointless rants elsewhere but please let this list be a
friendly place where GIMP users and developers can exchange their
ideas and experiences and help each others.

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