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> seen this, and having thought about this issuefor a while :-), i came to the
> conclusion, that seperate windows are not a problem as far as: (let me
> compare here gimp and inkscape)
> - toolbar windows are always on top (inkscape yes , gimp no)

Not all people agree with this preference. We got quite a lot of bug
reports when we tried that in the 1.3 series. That's why there's a
gimprc option to set the relevent hints on the toolbox and dock
windows. The inkscape way of doing it (making all windows transient to
the focused window) is in my opinion a terrible hack. It is simply not
what the people who wrote the spec had in mind. The "utility window"
hint seems to be a lot closer to what we would like to have.
Unfortunately the spec is vague about how window managers are supposed
to interpret this hint. Otherwise the KDE developers would probably
have adapted the interpretation of the metacity developers that
utility windows should be kept above other windows of the same
application. Perhaps the best thing we can do here is to get the EWMH
spec changed to include a window hint that matches the GIMP's needs.

> - toolbar windows are not present on the taskbar, only opened files
> (same as above)

We could easily do that using gtk_window_set_skip_taskbar_hint() but I
fail to see how that would be useful. Perhaps you could enlighten me?

> - toolbar window "pass" keyboard shorcuts to the file being edited
> (same)

This is already implemented in the development version. Why is this

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