Mike Meyer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Neither window managers nor applications have any FSCKING business
> screwing with window depth. If some such change gets made to the GIMP,
> I certainly hope it's optional.

I think you misunderstood what we are talking about here. Of course it
is the job of the window manager to deal with the z-order of windows.
After all it is a window manager. So if an application gives the
window manager the hint that a certain window should be treated
special (for example kept above another window or even above all
windows of the same application), then the window manager should
respect that hint. Of course the user can still configure his/her
window manager to ignore those hints or he/she could install a window
manager that ignores those hints by default. But it is certainly the
window managers business.

Some people seem to argue though that the application should try to
force a certain behaviour on the window manager. That is definitely
not a good idea. The application should give the window manager enough
information to do a good job but it should let the window manager
manage the windows.

BTW, the changes that you refer to have all been made already. Due to
the fact that the interpretation of the spec varies between window
managers, we have added some preference options to control what hints
are set. I would prefer though if the EWMH spec would have a window
type that would fit for the GIMP toolbox and dock windows. At the
moment there's UTILITY which comes closest. But have a look yourself:


It may make sense to make the dock windows transient for the toolbox.
Would probably be worth a try.

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