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> Hi,
> > "libgimpwidgets-2.0-104" couldn't be located.  And even with a full
> > install that's right: It's not on disk. Nor did the installation
> > routine relink "gimp" to the new binary. I finally gave up and
> > deleted the whole thing - it could only open xfc files, no "plugins"
> > worked.
> Your problem would be easily fixed and we would have been happy to
> tell you how. But since you decided to write a rant instead of asking
> for help I can only ask you not to use a development version.
> Sven

As I wrote, it is deleted.

My main worry is NOT that I've grown too stupid to build it properly. I've
managed to build it since version 0.8 so I'll get the hang of it yet again.

My main worry is that someone out there has introduced a filepicker I can't use.
See mail subject. My workflow is seriously hampered by it. It shows no folder
icons. I can't type filenames in it. The two applications I use the most;
Mozilla (Gtk2) and Gimp, are now using a filepicker I can't use. THAT is a
major problem. Probably to more than me.

The past weeks, since Mozilla broke their filepicker and upgraded to the Gtk2
version, I have - for the first time in 5 years - had to boot into WinXP, to
get some work done.  I now find that Gimp developers too have decided for the
same filepicker. The least usable filepicker I've ever come across.

I hope someone responsible can stimulate the developers to reconsider their
choise of Gimp filepicker. A file handling tool that doesn't indicate the
difference between directories and files, and doesn't have an editor field
where users can type/paste filenames... is like.. well.. like having a
web-browser without URL-bar and images. Unusable for any serious work.

Sorry if what I previously wrote came through as a rant. My only (but very
*good*) excuse is that using WinXP makes me extremely irritable.

Good luck to your all - Gimp Gods et al. - I trust you'll do the right thing.
Unsubscribing from the newsgroup - CC eventual replies. Thank you.

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