On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 03:51:07PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> While we are on it. The HIG suggests to use Ctrl-L as the default
> keybinding for "File->Open Location". I would like to follow this
> suggestion but we already use Ctrl-L to bring up the Layers dialog.
> Since that's a longstanding keybinding I am somewhat reluctant to
> changing it. On the other hand it would be good to follow the HIG
> advice here in order to be more consistent with other apps and also in
> order to get people used to the otherwise hidden Ctrl-L feature in the
> File Open dialog.
> So what do our users think about this? What would be a good
> alternative keybinding for the Layers dialog? Does it need one at all?
okay, an opinion from the other direction.

i dont use key-bindings.

ctl-l for location is not intuitive, ctl-l for layer is.

all of a sudden, now i need to use key-bindings.  i really did have it
in my list of good things to do to learn keybindings.  however, when i
do learn these things, i would like to learn the key-bindings that all
the people who were *doing* graphics determined were good and useful.

i find it interesting all of the people who now have problems with it.
people who actually use the application to make computer graphics, i am
willing to bet.  not people who open apps and try to figure out "what it
does".  as soon as you had a need for gimp-1.0 or an idea, the gui was
no problem.  this is not the case anymore.  now you have a need or an
idea and the gui is a problem.

i say that when i learn keybindings, i would like to use ctl-l for
layer, since this is what the gimp is truly very good at.

knowing where your files are located is something that users should
know.  the people who prefer this gui probably have no idea where their
files were stored by the app they last used that was like this.


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